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The friendship between Crazychick08, Gaskarths, and Karen valentine.

"Up and running! Now we just need to Take A Hint and Give It Up so we can Make It Shine and excuse me I need to hit myself that was so pathetic" - CC to Ash on the page's creation


  • All three love anime.
  • All three planned to attend Wiki Prom 2014.
  • Ash ships (shipped?) Caren, Karen ships (shipped?) Cash, and CC ships Ashren.
  • All three ship Jatie, Beckdam, and Semma.
  • CC talks to both of them on Skype.
  • CC considers them her two closest wiki friends.
  • All three love Cade friendship.
  • Zoe is their mutual queen and you must bow down.
  • Karen and Ash both watch Pretty Little Liars and Karen convinced CC to add it to her list of shows to watch.
  • All three love Grace.
  • Ash and Karen can't stand Drew, a favourite of CC's, which is fine by her, because she can't stand Katie, someone they both like.
  • Ash and Karen share a birthday. Coincidentally, CC joined the Degrassi wiki on their birthday.
  • All three ship Bade.
  • Karen and Ash both love Game of Thrones and have CC loving it as much as she can love something she has yet to actually see. 
  • Karen is the only one who doesn't ship Drianca.
  • Ash is the only one who doesn't ship Owanya.
  • CC is the only one who doesn't consider Semma an OTP.
  • They plan to attend the Wiki Summer Party together.
  • CC refers to Ash and Karen as her wiki wives.
  • All three of them hate Erwin Sikowitz and love Trina.
  • CC likes to bore them both by going on and on about her headcanons for Degrassi, Harry Potter, and Victorious.
  • All three dislike Yates and want him in jail. Preferably after Owen kicks the everloving crap out of him.
  • All three ship Cabbie.
  • All three ship Novas.
  • All three agree that Zoe Rivas will probably grow up to be a total Mama Bear.
  • They're BrOTP endgame and would be regular endgame if CC weren't married.
  • They all planned to be at CC's wedding and CC transcribed it to Karen when she had to work.

Their ships

  • Catorade (Jade/Tori/Cat - CC's Jade, Ash is Tori, and Karen is Cat) (Victorious)
  • Hutsu (Happy/Lucy/Natsu - CC's Natsu, Ash is Happy, Karen is Lucy) (Fairy Tail)
  • Fimogeli (Fiona/Imogen/Eli - CC's Eli, Ash is Fiona, Karen is Imogen) (Degrassi)
  • Gwidgshawna (Gwen/Bridget/LeShawna - CC's Gwen, Ash is Bridgette, Karen is LeShawna) (Total Drama)
  • Clenalli (Clare/Jenna/Alli - CC's Jenna, Ash is Alli, and Karen is Clare) (Degrassi)