Stetrude if thats what u wanna call it (a bit too classy for names) is the friendship and dysfunctional marriage between Hunter Perry and Kikchair.

Hunter and Tori also Gertrude and Steven.


  • Getrude is Stevens lesbian lover and wife (it's complicated)
  • Their marriage gets a bit dysfuctional bc Hunters really gay
  • They (Steven) try to maintain their love nonetheless
  • Gertrude
  • Steven
  • Even tho Hunter thinks he the shit Tori owned him 1v1 on BGO (bc shes the supreme)

Their Ships

  • Claudius/Gertrude (Hamlet)
  • Klaus/Roger (American Dad)
  • Chris/Herbert (Family Guy)
  • Celeste/Yamada (Danganronpa)
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