Rymanda (Rynen/Amanda) is the relationship between LikeASmirkerr95 and Jack Layton.


  • One of the most hated ships on the Wiki.
  • They have an illegal age difference. (When they were together, Amanda was 13 and Rynen said he was 18 but he was actually 21).
  • Amanda was the first person on the Wiki to see what Rynen really looks like.
  • Amanda had a necklace with the letter "R" on it.
  • One time Amanda thought Jessy was telling Rynen shit about what she was doing on the wiki but it proved to be false.
  • It was later discovered that Rynen was actually a 23 year old man named Tahsin, who was also in relationship with Katie (Kat from the wiki).

Their Ships

  • Drew/Zoe (Degrassi)
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