The conflict between Jack Tyler and Everyone.


  • The conflict began when Jack's 'Degrassi Fantasies' started to become disturbing.
  • He often ignored user's pleas to have him stop and used the 'freedom of speech' argument to defend himself, despite freedom of speech being limited and becoming voided as people become uncomfortable.
  • He has an odd obsession with Sarah Fisher/Becky Baker and Elizabeth Gillies/Jade West.
    • His obsession with Liz Gillies went far enough as to make a cartoonized video about her breasts.
  • After being banned for four days after he repeatedly posted about fantasies of Fiona Coyne being a 'Butch Lesbian', and he made a 'goodbye blog' stating how his freedom of speech was violated.
  • Often made pictures of Zoë Rivas in the color green as 'She Hulk'
  • He seems to despise the idea of a good looking woman dating a good looking man, calling relationships like Parcy (Peter Stone and Darcy Edwards) superficial and putting them with characters like Wesley, who were the stereotypical geeks.
    • This was shown with how he called Krew (Drew Torres-Katie Matlin) superficial and twice posted fantasies about wolves violently attacking Drew.
  • The conflict escalated further when he returned to the wiki as Shapirorex124; this account had previously been banned on the Victorious Wiki for vandalism. On this account, he frequently continued his posts, including one where he posted about Zoë Rivas as a man. He often used these posts to try and say he was not Jack.
  • The conflict came to a peak when he posted a racist comment about which out of three races were better; He later tried to say that his dad was the reason he posted it after several users outlashed at him for it.
  • After 2 days from the above incident, he insulted the entire wiki when he was told to leave again. He was later permanently banned on Shapirorex124 as a result.
  • He created a 'Degrassi Fantasy wiki' depicting several of his disturbing fantasies after he was banned. All of his character descriptions were stolen directly from the Degrassi Wiki.
  • He made GoogleWooz wanna kill him and drove her crazy.
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