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KCRed (Kieran/CC/Red) is the trio of MochizouCrazychick08, and Pokemonred200.

"We've got KCred bitches!" - Red, coining the group's slogan when picking names.

"Bitches, we've got KCred! What choo got?" - Red, coining the group's other slogan.

"Bitches, they've/you've/it's got KCred!" - CC, coining a phrase used for things KCred approves of or is resembled by.


  • They all ship Hollingsvak, at least as a crackship.
  • They all ship Novas and Camaya.
  • They all ship Zaya and are apart of the Zaya Club.
  • CC and Red like Drew, whilst Kieran hates him.
    • It should be noted, however, that Red frequently puts Drew on Probation when doing extremely stupid things, such as telling Becky that he wouldn't judge her for siding with Luke and using Adam's name to justify it.
  • CC and Red like Matlingsworth and are apart of the Matlingsworth Mafia.
  • They all love Attack on Titan.
  • They will all defend Maya to the ends of the earth and are thus in the Maya Defense Squad.
  • They all love Friends and How I Met Your Mother.
  • Cam is their King and they all like Zoë.
  • Kieran and Dough were both at CC's wedding.
  • None of them stoof for the hate towards Maya especially in terms of defending Yates and/or Trates.
  • All three of them love the game Spongebob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom.
  • Kieran and Red are CC's adopted children.

Their ships

  • Zig/Grace/Tiny (Degrassi)
  • Clark/Diana/Bruce (DC Comics) 
  • Drake/Josh/Mindy (Drake & Josh)
  • Anya/Holly J./Fiona (Degrassi)
  • Ian/Mandy/Mickey (Shameless)
  • Quinn/Kurt/Mercedes (Glee)
  • Eli/Adam/Clare (Degrassi)