The conflict between Kaykayxx and everyone.


  • Many users had suspected this user also went by Kaylaax3 and Degrassiiiiiiiiii due to similar comments.
    • Would become defensive and attack other users when the question of sockpuppeting was raised.
    • This user recently made a new sockpuppet named Zayaismyotp and the conflict escalated. Kaykay wished that Zig would physically abuse Zoë.
      • Red, Nick (TheRexVoxian), Yazzy, and Ariana were already suspicious of this when the sockpuppet was created.
    • Kaykayxx is possibly back with a new account named BlizzyBold, who is currently criminalizing Zoë for selling nudes and saying she has Antisocial Personality Disorder.
      • However, seeing that she had just made the Zigandmaya account makes it possible that BlizzyBold is just another troll.
  • Kaykayxx often uses the same repetitive comments on bashing Novas or Zoë Rivas.
    • It's also pretty obvious the confessions comparing Novas to JTia and Fuinn are from him/her.
  • Kaykayxx kept trying to get people to ship other ships (especially crackships) such as Zoë and Cam to make Novas lose followers (which will never work).
  • Does not let anything go at all.
  • A very difficult user since he/she cannot accept the fact that others disagree with their opinions and takes it all too seriously and attacks and/or catty with other users.
  • It's pretty obvious messages sent to several Tumblr users (including Alexandria) telling them not to ship Novas and bashing Zoë are from him/her.
  • She recently created yet another sockpuppet named Ricardohoyos2, which can be evidenced through the fact that the respective account, and her Zigandmaya account have exactly the same twitters (gamertaglola) linked on their profiles.
  • She has created six accounts in total on the wiki, some at the same time, which is ironic considering each time she says she'll never come back to the wiki.
    • It's possible she created a 7th account known as "Dtngngng" considering the similarities in comments.
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