Kaylin/Everyone Conflict is the conflict between Kaylin and the Degrassi Wiki users.


  • Kaylin initially used to be an active and popular member of the wiki.
  • Her initial conflicts began in late 2014 when she began to fall out with different members of the wiki.
  • Throughout 2015 she would "leave" the wiki and return many times, culminating in a goodbye blog where she was thoroughly shaded.
  • She made a surprise return in 2017 (or '18) after Christina (known as Crazygirl97) made a comment about Cold Sprouts' and tried to come for her.
  • Although unknown at the time (although some had their suspicions), Kaylin was pretending to be multiple different users including Meredith, Ashlie, Blake and countless others. She was exposed on her goodbye blog but it wasn't until 2018 that she admitted her catfishing. 
  • Even her 'life' as Kaylin was fabricated.
  • She made another surprise return in 2020 (fucking hate this year) where she tried to achieve support by posting about a topical matter but was utterly trashed and shaded by just about every wiki member. She has yet to reappear.
  • She is one of three former Degrassi wikians that became hated by a majority of other wikians to have an animal motif (hers being the catfish due to wiki activity). The other two being Desmond (whale via Hawaii Oshun video) and Ash (snake via biggest snake award).
    • Additionally, she's the second one to have a sea animal motif after the aforementioned Desmond.

Their Ships

  • Catfish
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