Xam (Xavier/Cam) is the relationship between Degrassi Fan and Kidencore.

Their Ships

  • Toby/Caleb (Pretty Little Liars)
  • Dan/Phil (Danisnotonfire/AmazingPhil - YouTube)
  • Ian/Anthony (Smosh - YouTube)
  • Rick/Daryl (The Walking Dead)
  • Ricky Dillon/Connor Franta (Our2ndLife - YouTube)
  • Will Behlendorf/David Scarzone (IM5)
  • Alfie Deyes/Marcus Butler (Pointlessblog/MarcusButlerTV - YouTube)
  • Joe Sugg/Caspar Lee (ThatcherJoe/Dicasp - YouTube)
  • Matthew Lush/Nick Laws (Lush - Youtube)
  • Kurt Schneider/Sam Tsui (YouTube).
  • Jasper/Monty (The 100).
  • Ike/Marth (Super Smash Bros.)
  • Yuri/Yoona (SNSD Girls Generation)
  • Joey Graceffa/Daniel Christopher (media celebrities)



  • Xav's very first Oovoo call was with Cam on a Saturday morning. They talked for an hour, before Xav had to go help his dad shovel snow.
  • Xav has a strong desire to travel to both Canada and Japan, which are Cam's countries of nationality and ethnicity. Meanwhile, Cam has been to New York, which is where Xav is from.
  • Cam claims that Xav is one person that can always make him smile when he's sad. Xav feels this is mutual as Cam makes him smile even when he's down.
  • Xav strongly ships Camori, while Cam strongly ships Xat and Xani.
  • Both Cam and Xav have been on the wiki while intoxicated. However, they have never been on drunk at the same time, or to see the other person drunk.
  • They get shipped with a lot of wikians.
  • Both love watching YouTubers and have many common interests.

Fan Club

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