The homoerotic friendship between Kikchair and ItAllRevolvesAroundKlaine is known as...idk.


  • Maya comes on chat for Tori...I mean prolly others sometimes, but mostly me clearly because i'm the most desirable one
  • Tori is in love & infatuated with Maya's voice
    • This is the 2nd occurrence of this, but just as strong, ifnot stronger
  • They talk on chat (pm mostly) and kik mainly
  • Actual excerpt from Mayas userpage: "Rawr tbh. Hello! I am Maya and I love making new friends! Also Tori, Tori, Tori and Tori are my loves." (she actually wrote that.)
  • Tori has a lot of unnecessary nicknames for Maya
    • Malaya & Malaysia being the most common
    • Also Lamaya & Layama and others I can't remember
    • More coming soon
  • Maya is actually Tori's pet llama
  • The llama that she is in love with
  • They are lovers
  • Hottest llama evr tbh
  • Maya is the only canadian Tori knows
  • Engaged!!!


  • Quinn/Mercedes (Glee)
  • Timmys Dad/Dinkleberg (Fairly Odd Parents)
  • Carl/Llama (Jimmy Neutron)
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