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Latarazzy (Lauren/Catie/Sarah/Yazzy) is the friendship between Loveya, Scallisons, ThisOnePerson, and Gruvias.


  • They all watch similar shows such as Grey's Anatomy, Parks and Rec., One Tree Hill, Once Upon A Time, etc.
  • They all ship Scallison, Matlingsworth, Merder, Slexie, Naley, etc.
  • They all drool over most of the guys on Grey's Anatomy.
  • Catie and Yazzy often sit back and laugh when Sarah and Lauren have flame wars.

Their Ships

  • Derek/Mark/Owen/Callie (Grey's Anatomy)
  • Schmidt/Nick/Winston/Coach (New Girl)
  • Ariel/Flounder/Sebastian/Scuttle (The Little Mermaid)