Lizieri (Lizzy/Kieran/Tori) is the friendship between Ultraviolets, Mochizou, Kikchair.


  • All of them are weeb af
  • Iconic Skype calls~
  • Iconic calls include
    • Rat
    • Boku no Pico
    • Kiss x Sis
  • anime incest tbh
  • Sports anime kills
  • dont rewatch angel beats, lizzy
  • dont reatch boku no pico, lizzy, kieran
  • Tori and Kieran team up against Lizzy a lot on BGO
  • Despite Kieran and Tori proclaiming themselves to be the best at BGO, Kieran did admit to Lizzy that she is the BGO supreme
    • However, Tori and Kieran are still the best team.
    • Though, Kieran did get his ass kicked when he paired up with Hunter, and Tori paired up with Lizzy. 
  • They all love playing offensive cards in CAH

Their Ships

  • Kirito/Alice/Eugeo (Sword Art Online)
  • Yamada/Miyamura/Shiraishi (Yamada-kun to Nananin no Majo)
  • Eijun/Miyuki/Furuya (Diamond no Ace)
  • Keita/Riko/Ako (Kiss x Sis)
  • Yuuta/Chiyo/Natsu (Swing Out Sisters) dont watch this
  • Yuki/Akise/Yuno (Mirai Nikki)
  • Jason/Meg/Da'vonne (Big Brother US 17)
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