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Lami (Lauren/Cami) is the friendship between Loveya and CamilleA05.


  • Both joined the wiki in 2010 within a few weeks of each other.
  • They are both admins.
  • They helped Cam become an admin by nominating him to Kacieh.
  • They have a huge love for Anya MacPherson, and consider Sanya an OTP.
  • They both love Disney, Game of Thrones, and Breaking Bad.
  • They both watch Teen Wolf, and consider Scallison to be their OTP.
  • They are both fab.
  • Both think Snape is a creep.
  • Lauren ships IchiRuki, and Cami ships IchiHime.

Their Ships

  • Scott/Allison (Scallison) (Teen Wolf)
  • Maria/Liesl (Sound of Music)
  • James/Lily Potter (Harry Potter)
  • Moses/Tzipporah (Prince of Egypt)
  • Derek/Cora (Teen Wolf)
  • Walt/Jesse (Breaking Bad)
  • Rukia/Orihime (Bleach)
  • Catelyn/Sansa (Game of Thrones)