The friendship between Loveya and Danixcalifornia is known as Lani (Lauren/Dani).


  • They both watch Game of Thrones, Pretty Little Liars, Degrassi, and Once Upon a Time.
  • They share the ships: Haleb, Emison, Noah/Allie, Spoby, Captain Swan, Snowing, Louise/Saito, Jaime/Brienne, Catleyn/Ned, Jon/Ygritte, Romione, Jiberty, Jannie, Jatie, Novas, and Matlingsworth.
  • They both feel strongly about feminism, animals, and human rights.

Their ships

  • Emma/Ariel (Once Upon a Time)
  • Louise/Saito (Zero no Tsukaima)
  • Robb/Dany (Game of Thrones)
  • Sam/Gilly (Game of Thrones)
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