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Lauri (Lauren/Tori) is the friendship between Loveya and Got2BFionaC101.


  • They're both big Disney fans.
  • Both watch Pretty Little Liars, Once Upon A Time, Teen Wolf, Friends, Baby Daddy and Boy Meets World.
  • Their favorite female character from Degrassi is Anya. They both share many traits of her's as well.
  • From Degrassi they ship Sanya, Jiberty, Parcy, Dolly J., Janny, Semma, Zori, Jonnor, Matlingsworth, Marimo, Jatie and Frankston.
  • Both watch anime.

Their Ships

  • Ariel/Flounder (The Little Mermaid)
  • Ben/Danny (Baby Daddy)
  • Lucy/Ethel (I Love Lucy)