Loveya-Loveisfolly27 Friendship

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The friendship between Loveya and Loveisfolly27.


  • They both watch Degrassi, The Lying Game, Community, One Tree Hill and Friends.
  • They both ship: Sanya, Kenna, Dolly J., Jiberty, Sellie, Camaya, Palex, Jatie, Janny, Parcy, Novas, Bhandurner, Marimo, Matlingsworth, Jazel, Beckdam, and Ziley.
  • They both loved Krew (Katie/Drew) at one point, but Lauren stopped shipping them when Drew cheated on Katie.
  • Alex ships Crauren.

Their Ships

  • Bianca/Jenna (Degrassi)
  • Elle/Emmett (Legally Blonde)
  • Glinda/Elphaba (Wicked)
  • Han/Leia (Star Wars)
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