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'''Michori '''('''Mich'''i/T'''ori''') is the friendship between [[User:Michi Loves Muffins| Michi Loves Muffins]] and [[User:Got2BFionaC101| Got2BFionaC101]].[[File:Screen_Shot_2011-09-24_at_11.20.26_AM.png|thumb|318px]]
[[File:Screen_Shot_2011-09-24_at_11.20.26_AM.png|thumb|300px]]'''Michori '''('''Mich'''i/T'''ori''') is the friendship between [[User:Michi Loves Muffin| Michi Loves Muffin]] and [[User:Got2BFionaC101| Got2BFionaC101]].
==Their Ships==
==Their Ships==

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Michori (Michi/Tori) is the friendship between Michi Loves Muffin and Got2BFionaC101.

Their Ships

  • Marisol/Katie (Degrassi)


  • They TC together every now and then.
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