Kieram (Kieran/Cam) is the relationship between Degrassi Fan and Mochizou.


  • Campbell Saunders is their king.
  • They are long lost twins.
  • They are practically identical.
  • Cam doesn't understand Kieran's dislike of penis.
  • Kieran teases Cam about the time it takes for him to reply to talk page messages.
  • Notice me Senpai.
  • They're MakoHaru trash.
  • With the MakoHaru pairing, initally, Cam was Haruka and Kieran was Makoto due to each of them physically resembling the other and having similar personalites (although they both had elements of the other)
    • Currently however, Cam now closely matches Makoto in terms of personality (being more extroverted) whilst Kieran is now more similar to Haruka (more introverted)
    • Both have agreed though that they can flip the roles as and when needed
    • This current swap also has to do with Cam and Makoto both being the top and Kieran and Haruka being the obvious bottoms in the relationship
  • Cam is planning on getting Kieran to listen to more J-Pop and K-Pop.
  • Cam is the top in their relationship.
    • This is mainly because Kieran is a typical bottom.
    • But also because Kieran is taken by Cam.
  • They have yet to meet but they do plan to one day meet (when Kieran eventaully gets his ass on a plane to Canada)

Their Ships

  • Dan/Duncan (YouTube)
  • Makoto/Haruka (Free!)
  • Dan/Connor (YouTube)
  • Haru/Ikuya (Free!)
  • Jon/Sam (Game of Thrones)
  • Natsu/Gray (Fairy Tail)
  • Eren/Reiner (Attack on Titan)
  • Rin/Haruka (Free!)
  • Jack/Finn (YouTube)
  • Derek/George (Grey's Anatomy)
  • Masaomi/Mikado (Durarara!!)
  • Natsuno/Tohru (Shiki)
  • Manato/Haruhiro (Grimgar)
  • Sousuke/Haru (Free!)
  • Alex Gaskarth/Jack Barakat (All Time Low)
  • Seishuu/Hiroshi (Barakamon)
  • Yuuji/Saburou (Omairi Desu Yo)
  • Yuuta/Makoto (Chuunibyou)
  • Edward/Alphonse (Fullmetal Alchemist)
  • Nathan/Clay (One Tree Hill)
  • Kazehaya/Ryu (Kimi ni Todoke)
  • Soushi/Zange (Inu x Boku SS)
  • Jaime/Cersei (Game of Thrones)
  • Tsumabuki/Satou (Lucky Number 13)
  • Usagi/Misaki (Junjou Romantica)
  • Nowaki/Hiroki (Junjou Romantica)
  • Miyagi/Shinobu (Junjou Romantica)
  • Yukimura/Kanou (Kaichou wa Maid-sama)
  • Shoutarou/Arata (Kurayami ni Strobe)
  • Sam/Colby (YouTube/Vine)
  • Shun/Satoru (Shinsekai Yori)
  • Emily/Aria (Pretty Little Liars)
  • Joel/Nick (Big Brother UK 16)
  • Sudou/Kishi (Sick)
  • Kotaro/Roman (Tsuki ga Kirei)
  • Hiro/Goro (Darling in the Franxx)

Fan Club

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