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Rieran (Red/Kieran) is the friendship between Pokemonred200 and Mochizou.


  • They both ship Novas, Zaya, and Hollingsvak.
  • They both feel like they're being annoying when they're not.
  • They both love Harry Potter.
  • They're in trios with Crazychick08 and Gruvias.
  • They have differing opinions on Drew. Red sees him as a king on probation, and Kieran hates him.
  • They both luv Clurr. (NO! Kieran loves Clare not ratchet Clurr)
  • They both watch Friends and How I Met Your Mother.
  • They both love anime (although Kieran is obsessed with it).
  • Red secretly calls Kieran Ky-Ky when talking to CC.
  • Red will be forever bitter and upset that Kieran changed his username even though he loves Jerza.

Their Ships

  • Fiona/Holly J (Degrassi)
  • Lucas/Nathan (One Tree Hill)