Jori (Jo/Tori) is the friendship between Rage&Love and Got2BFionaC101.

Their Ships

  • Manny/Emma (Degrassi)
  • Spencer/Aria (Pretty Little Liars)


  • They started bonding over Pretty Little Liars.
  • They both make Degrassi rant videos on YouTube.
  • Both ship Hardlet, Freffy, Chral, Naomily, Cassid, Tochelle, Romione, Ryissa, Sethmer, Spoby, Haleb, Emaya, Everlark, Semma, Jiberty, Camaya, Janny, Parcy, Jatie, Eclare (pre-s13), Matlingsworth, Fimogen, Dolly J., Sanya, Beckdam, Spane & Marimo.
  • Both joined the wiki in 2012.
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