The Ratchet Newbies is the friendship between ThisOnePerson, HallOfFame, Kidencore, ItAllRevolvesAroundKlaine, Crazychick08, Pokemonred200, and TiaAnnLenae.


  • They all love getting ratchet at times.
  • They all watched Glee (including season six, though Sarah saw the least, since she's smart)
  • They all hate Klaine except Maya.
  • They all like the new newbies.
  • The season started on Tia's birthday.

Their ships

  • The Ratchet Newbies
    • Kitty - Sarah
    • Spencer - Ari
    • Madison - Tia
    • Mason - Maya
    • Jane - CC
    • Roderick - Xavvy
    • Myron- Red


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