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Razzieran (Red/Yazzy/Kieran) is the friendship between Pokemonred200, Gruvias and Mochizou.


  • They all ship Novas and Camaya.
  • Kieran and Red crackship Hollingsvak, Yazzy hates it.
  • They all hate Blaine and Klaine.
  • Kieran and Red love Yazzy's conflict with Tophamy.
    • Ironically they wrote fic prompts revolving around that in her efforts to set up Sampher.
  • Red is the only one that likes Drew.
  • They all watch anime, although Yazzy and Kieran are obsessed.
  • Yazzy and Red were dying at Kieran's conflict with his fish icon. Kieran wasn't impressed however.
    • However Red shipped Fishran. Yazzy didn't.
  • Yazzy is the only one that dislikes Zig.
  • They all love Maya Matlin and hated seeing people hate on her in defense of Yates/Trates.
  • Yazzy got Red and Kieran into shipping Sampher.
  • Kieran's love of Jerza got Red to preship before he started watching Fairy Tail. Since Red began watching it he told Yazzy her love for Gruvia gave him life.

Their Ships

  • Lucas/Peyton/Nathan (One Tree Hill)
  • Gajeel/Juvia/Gray (Fairy Tail)
  • Puck/Quinn/Finn (Glee)
  • Ross/Rachel/Joey (Friends)