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Dori (Delia/Tori) is the pairing of the users Kikchair and Reebok Commercial.


  • Honorary shipper: Jessy.
  • They both share a fondness for lesbian relationships on television.
  • Although compared to several well-known ships, they strongly resemble Naomi and Emily on Skins UK.
  • Used to be hated by many users.
    • Still is, to be honest.
  • They're always horny together.
  • They talk daily
  • They have a somewhat similar music taste - they both love Marina & the Diamonds, Lana Del Rey, Angels & Airwaves, etc.
  • They watch a lot of television together, such as Roswell, Orphan Black, Orange Is the New Black, One Tree Hill, etc.
  • Tori is using Hannah to make Delia jealous but if Hannah found out she would ban her from chat for days.
  • They are both big fans of RoseEllenDix (Rose Dix) and The Roxetera (Rosie Spaughton) from YouTube.

Their ships

  • Naomi/Emily (Skins)
  • Lucas/Peyton (One Tree Hill)
  • Cosima/Delphine (Orphan Black)
  • Michael/Maria (Roswell)
  • Rose Dix/Rosie Spaughton (YouTube)
  • Fiona/Imogen (Degrassi)
  • Piper/Alex (OITNB)
  • Cher/Dionne (Clueless)
  • Kathleen/Melanie (DJH/DH)
  • Brittany/Santana (Glee)
  • Spencer/Ashley (South of Nowhere)
  • Jess/Cody (Big Brother)
  • Greg Doucette/Ally Smith (YouTube)
  • Daria/Trent (Daria)
  • Dana/Alice (The L Word)
  • JJ/Pope (Outer Banks)
  • Maeve/Aimee (Sex Education)

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