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The friendship between Crazychick08, Pokemonred200, Mochizou, and HallofFame.


  • All of them hate Blaine and Klaine.
  • All like Zig and ship Zaya (to an extent) except Ari, who hates it.
  • Ari and Kieri hate Matlingsworth while CC and Red love it.
  • CC is the only one who ships Triles.
  • They are all fans of the friendship between the kids in the remedial room.
  • Kieri is the only one who doesn't ship Bade (because he doesn't watch Victorious, since he is SMART). He's pretty sure he pre-ships it though.
  • They all like anime, at least a little (Ari's been known to watch Digimon, so good enough. :P)
  • They all ship Zace.
  • Lizzy and Ash are honorary members due to their love for Zig, Zaya, and the other kids.

Their ships

  • The Remedial Room Kids (CC is Grace, Red is Zig, Kieri was Tiny, Ari is Maya) (Degrassi)
  • The Tough Customers (Red is Binky, Ari is Rattles, Kieri is Slink, and CC is Molly) (Arthur)
  • The Original Pokemon Group (Red is Ash, CC is Misty, Ari is Brock, Kieri is Pikachu) (Pokemon)
  • Jeckatrina (CC is Jade, Red is Beck, Ari is Cat, Kieri is Trina ). (Victorious)
  • Quinsanurtcedes (CC is Quinn, Red is Kurt, Kieri is Mercedes, Ari is Santana) (Glee)
  • Sector V (CC is Numbuh 5, Kieri is Numbuh 4, Lizzy is Numbuh 3, Red is Numbuh 2, Ari is Numbuh 1, Ash is Lizzy) (Codename:Kids Next Door)
  • Furious Five (CC is Tigress, Lizzy is Viper, Ash is Monkey, Kieri is Crane, Ari is Mantis, Dough is Po)