SYDS (Smell Yo Dick Squad) is the friendship between ThisOnePerson, JosephBlue, MarauderScarlet, and Crazychick08.


  • They pretty much spent the night making fun of Ark Music Factory.
  • Sarah played Smell Yo Dick for everyone and made them pee their pants probz. (Thus where the name came from.)
  • This marks the first time Annie has heard CJ speak. Prior to that she had only ever seen (and loved) his facial expressions.
  • CJ keeps trying to convert Sarah to a Kpop fan. She isn't having it.
  • They're ratchet af (but perf).  
  • CJ's lame cause he didn't twerk for us. Although he did sing to certain songs, which kind of makes up for it.

Their Ships

  • TBA cause we're basic
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