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Kitie (Kieran/Catie) is the friendship between Mochizou and Scallisons


  • They both love Friends,  Game of Thrones, Supernatural and Grey's Anatomy.
  • MerDer is OTP.
  • Jolex > Izzex. 
  • They both have a dislike for Shonduh and her fucked up tendencies.
  • They love Disney films. 
  • Kieran posted one of Catie's tumblr blogs not realising it was hers.
  • Both were stuck with a fish icon.
    • However Catie's era didn't last as long as Kieran's.
    • Kieran was saddened by this.

Their Ships

  • Joey/Chandler (Friends)
  • Meredith/George (Grey's Anatomy)
  • Castiel/Sam (Supernatural)
  • George/Izzie (Grey's Anatomy)
  • Isaac Hemsptead-Wright/Maisie Williams
  • Kristoff/Anna (Once Upon A Time)
  • Becky/Jonah (Degrassi)
  • Katniss/Finnick (The Hunger Games)
  • Charlotte/Cooper (Private Practice)
  • Tauriel/Legolas (The Hobbit)
  • Harry/Charlotte (Sex and the City)