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Scasmine (Scott/Yasmine) is the relationship between ScottieTheHottie and BakuCamie.


  • It is quite a popular ship among the wikians.
  • Both of the ships that they are compared to are an OTP for each half.
  • They both enjoy writing fanfiction.
    • Scott's "Orlando The City Beautiful" series inspired Yazzy to write her "Los Angeles Crazy Lane" series.
  • They share a mutual love for Emily Fields from Pretty Little Liars.
  • They mutually ship Tyler and Lindsay from Total Drama.
  • In the summer of 2012, they both wrote fanfic series that were similar to each other but later gave up on them as another user took over to prevent cancellation.
  • Both were born in 1997 although Yazzy is a month older.
  • Ask.FM anons were jealous of this relationship.
  • Both dislike Squidy.
  • They adore the song Sail.
    • Xavier declared Sail their song just because.
  • Although Scott hadn't seen OTH, Brulian is a suitable ship for them.
  • They agreed to one day having a chat date with Camori after they all said hi to one another on chat.

Their Ships

  • Tyler/Lindsay (Total Drama)
  • Finn/Rachel (Glee)
  • Emily/Alison (PLL)
  • Julian/Brooke (One Tree Hill)

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