CCRJ is the friendship between Shadowlong817 and Crazychick08 (RJ/CC).


  • Both like The Hunger Games.
  • RJ is jealous of CC for living in Canada.
  • Both enjoy writing and reading.
  • Both like The Avengers.
  • Both like Victorious.
  • Both hate Luke from Degrassi much like anybody with any taste.
  • Both ship Drianca, Fimogen, Eclare, Camaya, Imojack, Ziley, and Jatie.
  • Both ship Bade and Cabbie.
  • They disagree on Bori: RJ ships it, meanwhile CC considers them NOTP.

Their Ships

  • Eclare
  • Imojack
  • Ziley
  • Cabbie


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