Nasmine (Nick/Yasmine) is the relationship between Showdown616 and BakuCamie.


  • Both hardcore ship Parcy.
  • Often got into OTP vs Ratchet debates. Nick is #TeamRatchet while Yazzy is #TeamOTPs.
  • Both are fond of The Great Gatsby.
  • They declare Ariel as their favorite Disney Princess.
  • They both watch Grey's Anatomy and ship Merder, Slexie and Izzex. They also hate Japril.

Their ships

  • Peter/Darcy (Degrassi)
  • Joey/Rachel (Friends)
  • Alex/Izzie (Grey's Anatomy)
  • Chris Keller/Haley (One Tree Hill)
  • Ricky/Amy (Secret Life)
  • Tom/Ann (Parks and Recreation)
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