Nam (Nick/Cam) is a friendship on Degrassi Wiki consisting of the users Degrassi Fan and Showdown616.


  • Nick doesn't approve of Cam's relationship with Dylan Everett.
  • They've both nailed Sarah.
  • Nick is obviously jealous of Cam and he makes snarky comments regarding him.

Their ships

  • Sophia/Dorothy (Golden Girls)
  • Will/Carlton (Fresh Prince of Bel Air)
  • Pornstache/Bennett (Orange Is The New Black)
  • Jack/Cal (Titanic)
  • Jack/Fabrizio (Titanic)
  • Blair/Serena (Gossip Girl)
  • Nate/Chuck (Gossip Girl)
  • Nathan/Chris Keller (One Tree Hill)
  • Derek/Mark (Grey's Anatomy)
  • Alex/George (Grey's Anatomy)
  • Jackson/Scott (Teen Wolf)
  • J.D./Perry (Scrubs)
  • Joey/Ross (Friends)
  • Jonah/Drew (Degrassi)
  • Matt Damon/Jimmy Kimmel
  • Sheldon/Leonard (The Big Bang Theory)
  • Charming/Hook (Once Upon A Time)
  • Luke/Ryan (The O.C.)
  • Dylan/Brandon (Beverly Hills 90210)
  • Strut/Ozzy (The Land Before Time)
  • Iron Man/Captain America (The Avengers)
  • Many more that need to be added.
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