Nickari (Nick/Ari) is the friendship between Showdown616 and HallOfFame.


  • They both watch Glee and Grey's Anatomy.
  • They both hate Finn Hudson.
  • They both hated the musical episode of Grey's Anatomy and agreed to never speak of it again.
    • Nick was there when Ari livechatted the episode, despite his constant warnings.
  • They both take pride in being hella ratchet. 
  • They both find Colton Haynes very attractive.
  • Sarah has them both on a leash.

Their Ships

  • Kanye West/Lord Disick
  • Connor/Asher (How to Get Away with Murder)
  • Mark/Jackson (Grey's Anatomy)
  • Alex/Jackson (Grey's Anatomy)
  • Paige/Shana (Pretty Little Liars)
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