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Natie (Nick/Catie) is the friendship between Scallisons and Showdown616.


  • Catie enjoys Nick's ratchetness.
  • They like Disney films
  • They watch Grey's Anatomy
  • They despise Zaya
  • They consider Merder, Izzex, and Slexie to be OTP
  • They had a falling out on July 11, 2014 after Nick insisted that Izzie/Alex was better than Jo/Alex from Grey's Anatomy. He was obviously wrong. 
    • Especially considering he now ships Jolex.
  • Nick is constantly trying to steal Andrew Garfield from her, because he's a home wrecker.

Their Ships

  • Meredith/Derek (Grey's Anatomy)
  • Hans/Anna (Frozen)
  • Zoe/Miles (Degrassi)
  • Shovelkeisha 
  • Emma Stone/Andrew Garfield
  • Meredith/Alex (Grey's Anatomy)
  • Monica/Ross (Friends)
  • Tina/Jimmy Jr. (Bob's Burgers)
  • Noel/Mona (Pretty Little Liars)
  • Taylor Swift/Tyler Hilton
  • Leslie/Tom (Parks and Recreation)