Ya dig?

- Spencer Karter's famous catchphrase.

The conflict between Spencerkarter1985 and everyone.

Notable Incidents

  • Was banned from chat twice and kicked once and made three blogs complaining about it.
    • He tried to get Tayler demodded and claimed "he'd be a more better chat mod."
    • "EliGObsessed? Why'd he ban me?"
  • Got into an iconic Emma vs. Clare fight.
  • Went on Tinychat with various users who showed him horses mating. His mom and aunt saw and blocked Tinychat on his computer. 
  • Made a blog targeting CJ.
  • He lives in his mother's basement. He is 56 years old.
  • In November 2015, he made a blog being upset about being banned from chat and bitched about that along with being blocked on Twitter by Aislinn Paul.
    • In May 2020 (God fucking damn), he came back to Degrassi wiki with a new account under the username ADLstaff34525 after mentioning many times about Spencer's youtube channel and hatred of Susan Wojcicki aka the CEO of YouTube and outright confirmed his identity as Spencer Karter (as if that weren't obvious), leaked out the personal details of his home address (Remember kids! Real or fake, don't do that kind of thing on the interwebs) and got blocked once again.
      • let's all take a trip to South Carolina y'all!!!!
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