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Jenori (Jenn/Tori) is the friendship between The4thMisfit and Got2BFionaC101.


  • Their favorite Degrassi character of all time is Eli Goldsworthy.
  • They both ship Eclare, Camaya, Matlingsworth, Dolly J., Fimogen & Spane.
  • Both crackship KCianca & Harlene.
  • They both hate Clew, Triles, Imogeli, Elinore and Cake.
  • Both prefer the newer Degrassi generation to the older generation.
  • Both are in love with YouTubers.
  • They both watch Skins.
  • Both ship Everlark.
  • They're both born in 1996; Tori is 5 months older.

Their Ships

  • Clare/Adam (Degrassi)