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The HBICs is the interaction between users Crazychick08, Lolasonya27, and Loveya.


  • Alexandria proudly ships Crauren.
  • All three love Danny.
  • Alexandria is the only one who hates Spemma.
  • CC is the only one who hates Sanya and Dolly J.
  • Lauren is the only one who hates Crash.
  • All three ship Spolly J,Jiberty,Parcy,Zace, Kenna,Ziley,Janny, Semma,Sellie,Palex,Jazel,Zori and Dantay.

Their ships

  • Fiona/Declan/Holly J. (Degrassi)
    • Fiona - C.C.
    • Declan - Lauren
    • Holly J. - Alexandria

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