The Misfits are an old school group consisting of users Stuphsoveralls, BoilingPoint, Skyblu, Redfooo, LikeASmirker, and DropTheWorldOnFitzsHead.


  • They started because Davot, Tyler, and Lindsey were all banned from the Wiki because of Sannse and decided to make their own Wiki. Then, Lily, Amanda, and Chey were banned too and the Misfits were born.
  • They had the roles of Degrassi characters.
    • Davot - Eli
    • Tyler - Adam
    • Lindsey - Clare
    • Amanda - Katie
    • Chey - Fiona
    • Lily - Imogen
  • The Wiki was eventually removed in 2012 because Adam is a snitch.

"Fake" Members

  • Jack Layton
  • EliGObsessed
  • Disasterology
  • Balhh
  • ThisOnePerson
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