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The Mystic Falls Gang consists of Danixcalifornia, ThisOnePerson, Kidencore, CrAsh, Gruvias, Degrassi Fan, Rage&Love, and MarauderScarlet.


  • They all watch Pretty Little Liars, Degrassi( though they aren't fans of the current season), The walking Dead, and Game Of Thrones.
  • Jo and Cam are the only ones who never watched Glee.
  • They all ship Camaya.
  • Cam and Jake are the only ones who don't really ship Matlingsworth.
  • Jake is the only one to ship Zaya.

Their Ships

The Mystic Falls Gang

  • Elena - Dani
  • Stefan - Sarah
  • Damon - Xavier
  • Jeremy - Jake
  • Bonnie - Yazzy
  • Caroline - Jo
  • Matt - Cam
  • Tyler - Annie