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The Sexies is the friendship between ThisOnePerson, Crazychick08, HallOfFame, and Mochizou.


  • Ari wanted to have a hot orgy on chat, but only 3 other people came and they started talking about how they learned about sex and whatnot.
  • They all hate Blaine Andershit.
  • Although she wasn't there when the group was formed, Catie is an honorary member of the group.
  • One of the raddest OT4/5 ships.
  • They're the only people that can circle jerk in Sarah's chatroom.
  • All of the Sexies were at CC's wedding (at least the reception)

Their Ships

  • Rachel/Santana/Quinn/Brittany
    • Sarah - Rachel
    • Kieran - Santana
    • CC - Quinn
    • Ari - Brittany
  • Dorothy/Scarecrow/Tin Man/Lion (The Wizard of Oz)
  • Zig/Tori/Maya/Tristan (Degrassi)
  • Blaine/Tina/Kurt/Santana/Sam (Glee)