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The Unholy Asian Trinity is an OT3 consisting of Degrassi Fan, MarauderScarlet, and Degrassi Forever.



  • They are all of East Asian descent.
    • Cam is Japanese.
    • Annie is Cantonese Chinese.
    • Wendy is Mandarin Chinese.
  • None of them live in America.
  • None of them live in the same time zone.
    • Cam lives on the east coast of Canada.
    • Annie lives on the west coast of Canada.
    • Wendy lives in Australia.
  • None of them speak the same ethnic language, and therefore, have never tried conversing with one another in any language other than English.
  • They all enjoy(ed) playing Animal Crossing, a popular video game developed in Japan.
  • In Degrassi, they portray Kendra Mason, Leia Chang, and Winston Chu.

Their ships

  • Holly J./Sav/Anya (Degrassi)
  • The Cool Asians (Mean Girls)
  • Phil/Ted/Wes (Wong Fu Productions - YouTube)

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