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Sup, Visitor

My name is Desmond.  I am 20 years old and I am very friendly to people. I am unique so I am not an average Joe dude. If you need some one to talk to hit me up. I have a tumblr ok. 

Things I Do Enjoy

T.V.: Degrassi, Skins, Switched At Birth, Family Guy, King of The Hill, Misfits, Rocko's Modern Life, Batman, Pretty Little Liars, Malcolm in the Middle, South Park, Ed,Edd, N Eddy, Classic Spongebob, GoodTimes, Inuyasha, Even Stevens, Victorious, sometimes iCarly, Hey Arnold, Drake and Josh, and other stuff.

These shows were a part of my life at some point.  I still remember the old shows as well as the new shows.

Movies: Every Disney movies, Kick Ass, Halloween, The Breakfast Club, The Hangover, Shrek, Jumper, Friday the 13th, Friday,  

American Pie, Life, World War Z, 21 Jump Street, and other  cool stuff.

Favorite Sports Teams: Dodgers, Lakers, Giants, Mets, St.Louis Cardinals, and the Spurs

I liked the Doedgers since 04 when I moved to Hawaii and saw the games more frequently. That can be said for the Lakers of basketball.  I like the New york Giants because that is the Team I fell in love with in 04. 

I am going to get some swag.

Extracurricular: Football Team, and JROTC!  

I love life and I am going to live it.- Do what ever the fuck you want.