So as you guys have seen. Lizzy's now left the wiki and she never got the chance to add it in to her blog but she's handed over the reigns of this wiki to me....

Meet your new HBIC xD

I don't plan on doing anything different but I did update the rules a little bit, which you can see here

With Lizzy gone, we're only left with two active admins here, which is Cam and I. I'll discuss it over with Cam but I'd personally like to add another admin to this site, one that can be around when I'm not (since I'm 5 hours ahead of y'all and in a full time job.) If any of you guys are interested, let me know. I have a couple ideas of who I'd think would be good for it anyway.

Like I said, this wiki isn't going to change and it's still the fun place we can all add our mad, ratchet ships to our ship pages =P

Love you guys and let's keep the fun rolling

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