Lizzy: Stay put Bruiser play with Cheese.

(Lizzy ties up their leashes up then walks up to Chris's house and begins spray painting his house)

Lizzy: Bye biotch.

Chris: (Starts jumping as he sees) What the - - ? Lizzy?! I thought we settled this!

Lizzy: I thought I settled you!

Chris: You're really vandalizing my house?!

Lizzy: It's not vandalism! It's emotional graffiti!

Chris: No it's not!

Lizzy: You know you sound like Benny The Bull when you talk.

Chris: What'd you say? Niall don't want your ass! And it's sad how you and Katie, Ash and Yazzy be fawning over animated boys!

Lizzy: (Breaks the can in her grip) YOU TAKE THAT BACK!

Chris: No!

Lizzy: Well you fawn over Bianca. She's too mature for you. As is that Kaya Scodelario chick the rest of the wiki talks about! And you do not say it's time to fucking tap! You also always ship you and a female wikian! We don't! You and Des!!!!!!!!!  You ARE THE SAD ONE!

Chris: What?!

Lizzy: That's why it won't be settled!

(Chris tries to throw a donut at her but she dodges and starts flying up in the air and takes spraypaint cans and sprays him in the eyes)


Lizzy: No!

Chris: Do it!

Lizzy: NO! I will however settle something else.

(LIzzy flips him onto the side walk and lets Bruiser go and eat him then puke him into the sewers)

Lizzy: Good boy Bruiser!  GOOD! MAKE LIZZY PROUD!

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