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The conflict between Xavierla and everyone.


  • The conflict started due to Xavierla bashing on Maya and defending Tristan when everyone else knew that it should've been the other way around.
  • Xavierla often called Maya "manipulative" and "selfish", angering Maya fans and Tristan haters.
  • The conflict took a turn when Xavierla began defending pedophilia.
  • The day Xavierla's ban ended, he came back defending pedophilia again, which increased the number of people directly involved in the conflict.
  • After Lauren extended the ban Cam gave him to infinite, he left a message on her YouTube channel saying how he's not coming back and that his "feelings were seriously hurt" and that he felt cyberbullied when everyone went against his defending of pedophilia.
  • Nick found him badmouthing the wikians behind our backs, saying how all he did was state an opinion and how we all can't accept other people's opinions as their opinions.
    • Nick responded by telling him "You know you did much more than that."
    • He has been shown to be continuously defending pedophiles and bashing Maya in the comments for the same video.
  • He came back as Xavierla2 and insulted everyone again then got banned once again, and then came back as Xavierla3 the very next day with the same results.
  • He's a huge cockroach.
  • He once referred to pedophiles as "his people", which has certainly sparked some disturbing speculation.
  • Red believes that he needs to go to prison, but everyone else believes he needs mental help.
    • Ariana and Alexandria believe he needs both.
  • Whenever Xav (Kidencore, we all know who he is) was replied to by name, Xavierla would assume it was in reply to him even when he had nothing to do with the post.
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