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Yoanni (Yasmine/Joanna/Dani) trio consisting of ParcyDriancfan778, Rage&Love and DanixCalifornia.


  • They are considered to be the three main girls in Friends. Yazzy is Rachel, Dani is Monica and Joanna is Phoebe.
    • Also considered by a select few of wikians as Gwen(Yazzy), Bridgette(Joanna) and Courtney(Dani).
  • They all love PLL, Friends and TVD (up until the 5th season).
  • They all have similar OTPS and NOTPS.

Their ships

  • Rachel/Monica/Phoebe (Friends)
  • Gwen/Bridgette/Courtney (Total Drama)
  • Imogen/Fiona/Bianca (Degrassi)