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Kaylam (Kaylin/Cam) is the friendship between Josipovics and Degrassi Fan.

Their Ships

  • Glenn/Maggie (The Walking Dead)
  • Eugene/Rapunzel (Tangled - Disney)
  • Troy/Kelsi (High School Musical)
  • Connor Franta/Zoe Sugg (YouTube)

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  • Cam was the first male wikian that Kaylin formed a substantial friendship with, but her second male friend overall (the first being Matt).
  • Cam's persuasion for Kaylin to watch TWD and YouTubers helped her find her television OTP (Glenn/Maggie), favourite female TV character (Maggie Greene), YouTube OTP (Zoe/Alfie) and favourite male and female YouTubers (Phil Lester and Zoe Sugg).
  • One of Kaylin's backup accounts on Degrassi Wiki is currently named after Cam, as it is called Qamssushi (which decodes to Cam's sushi).

Fan Club

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